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Investment & Technology

In order to produce fabrications to the highest of standards, Had-Fab has significantly invested in our key asset which is our fabrication space, we have over 500,000 Sqft spread over 4 sites and have recently completed a £2M extension which increases our undercover fabrication space in that unit from 7,000 sq ft to 28,000 sq ft. This allows us to offer check erections of structures, whilst providing us with greater flexibility to store materials for call off or to cater to changes in delivery dates.

Had-Fab has also invested wisely in developing and retaining experienced staff in all areas of the business from welding and fabrication, to site supervision and project management.

We have recently made a substantial investment in the latest robotic welding technology to improve our manufacturing speed, accuracy and repeatability as well as minimise costs for our customer base.

Benefits Of Robotic Welding

Consistent Quality & Repeatability

Robotic welding machines have the capability to perform repeated operations for long periods of time, whilst providing a consistent level of quality.  In terms of safety-critical parts, automation gives our clients reassurance that the quality of welds will be of the highest standard.

Reduced Waste

Consistent quality means there is minimum waste due to incorrect welds, this is particularly important when working on high-value jobs that require a quick turnaround.

Increased Product Manufacturing Flexibility

Robotic welding cells can weld 3 – 5 times faster than manual welders and they add flexibility to a production line. Once programmed, it can easily switch between processes meaning we are able to meet changes in product design or any client request efficiently.