Facilities &

Continued investments in our people, facilities and supply chain partners to support key infrastructure projects

To ensure the delivery of solutions and structures to the highest standards, Had Fab is dedicated to investing significantly in key areas, including facilities, machinery and people.

Our engineering and fabrication facilities are a major asset. They consist of four sites and over 55,000 square metres, including a recently completed multi-million-pound extensions, which increases our covered fabrication facility from 650 to 2,600 square metres. This investment has facilitated space to perform the check erection of structures whilst also providing improved flexibility in storing materials for call-off and amendments to project delivery dates.

We now have multiple angle lines with complete process capabilities and the ability to complete secondary operations on steel angle which allows us to deliver projects for our clients in a time responsive and efficient manner, thanks to our technological capabilities. Acquiring, developing and retaining experienced and talented staff in all areas of our business is vital for our investment strategy as we consider our staff as our most valuable asset to the company.

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Had-Fab invests strategically in developing and retaining experienced staff in all areas of the business, from welding and engineering fabrication, to site supervision, structural design and project management.

Recent substantial investment in the latest robotic welding technology has increased output and improved manufacturing accuracy and repeatability.

CNC Machinery & Robotic Welding

Our range of FICEP and Vernet Behringer CNC machinery can process all sizes of angles, channels, hollow sections, columns and beams from 45x45x5 equal angles to 1016x305x487 universal beams. We can punch, drill, cut, shape and bend sections to meet design requirements and regularly handle large, heavy sections. Our robotic welding cells can weld 3-5 times faster than manual welders. They also add flexibility to a production line and once programmed, it can switch between processes with ease which supports our workshop in meeting changes to product design or client requests efficiently.

Material Resource Planning

We have invested in STRUMIS as our MRP system and MIS business solution to help connect all our departments. This investment has ultimately ensured increased efficiencies and has significantly improved our workshop productivity. STRUMIS has provided 100% traceability and insights into project progress through Bi-Directional project data flow between STRUMIS and our Tekla detailing software.

Reduced Waste & Sustainability Investments

We recognise the responsibility to minimise our impact on society and the natural environment across all processes, whether it be in design, manufacture or supply of materials. Our Sustainability Policy Outlines Had Fab’s commitment to maintaining the sustainability of the work it undertakes. In this vein, we have installed a biomass heating system at our workshop in Penston to help minimise the adverse environmental impacts from traditional heating systems. Our focus on delivering consistency and quality significantly reduces the waste generated within our workshops. This is particularly important when working on high-value projects that require a quick turnaround.