Structural Engineering

Walham Substation – National Grid

Case Study: National Grid

Project Scope: Detailed design, manufacture and installation of a Circuit Breaker Access Platform for Walham Substation.

Installation & supply of project: In April 2019 we completed the access platform for National Grid. The job was designed, fabricated and installed within just 4 months.

Our design and install team worked together to survey the site making sure we were aware of all potential issues prior to the design work being carried out. The design was very challenging as the space to install the platform was tight with potential clash issues. The programme was vastly accelerated in order to meet the electrical outage.

Our talented designers produced a sound solution which was promptly accepted by the client and allowed us to progress on to the tight fabrication programme. Our manufacturing team carried out the works on time to the highest standard, ensuring the platform was fabricated exactly to the design specification. We also carried out a check erection prior to galvanising, this prevented any clashes and any issues on site.

Our installation team attended site inductions ahead of the main install. This reduced the risk of us falling behind the programme, as we were able to commence works on site immediately during the main installation programme. Our installation team found the site to be very accommodating to our requirements. For example: we were given the opportunity to work additional hours, which in turn allowed for a smoother installation, and ultimately allowed for the installation to be completed early. Despite this, our installation team were faced with a variety of challenges along the way. Upon arrival to the site, our installation team were faced with changes to the site access, creating some constraints. However, the team managed to work around this and achieve a great end result.

Nearing the end of the week, perhaps one of the biggest challenges for our installation team was the Walham weather. Thursday rained from morning until night, with no dry moments whatsoever. The installation team’s determination and perseverance allowed for them to complete the installation early, and with a high quality result.

Without Had-Fab’s turnkey design, fabrication and install this project could not have completed on time. Our departments work together to create a functional design solution which is fabricated to the highest standard, allowing on time installation without issues – an absolute must when the client is faced with the tight programme caused by the electrical outage.

Customer Response: The client was especially impressed by how smooth the installation went, especially considering the fact that the installation was completed well within the available outage. The accuracy of both the design and fabrication aided for the installation greatly, as it fitted perfectly, with no issues being reported whatsoever.

“My Supervisor had nothing but good words to say about your installation team, and everything was completed ahead of schedule and with minimum fuss. Very nice to see.”

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