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Fabrication of Frames for Digital Displays

At Had-Fab we are constantly meeting new customers and fulfilling their needs through our portfolio of services (including structural design, steel and aluminium fabrication and steel processing), and recently we have had the privilege of manufacturing supporting frames for Large Digital Display Screens that have been installed all across London.

One of our key services that we were able to provide our client with was our ability to be able to provide them with the choice of installation of the LED screens & fit the cladding to the frame in-house at our factory. Allowing our customer to then ship the screens to the site and provide a simpler installation at their end after production. We are also providing storage so that the screens are ready for delivery when site access allows.



On a previous job (due to the size of the screens), we were faced with the task of fabricating a frame specifically for transporting the screens as they had to be tilted to allow them to pass under the various bridges en route to the site.

Another high profile job we were involved with was with the Design and Fabrication of another large-scale digital display however this time in Aluminium and with a slightly different function!

This time around however the frame and LED screens were made to form the Digital Display for the SNP sign at the clients’ Glasgow Conference, with the project being set to really tight deadlines — this included frame designing, fabricated and then sent to site with no room for errors or delays.

The acid test was once the frames were erected on site, the LED screens had to be fitted. With little time to fix any issues due to the tight deadline as the screen had to be up for the start of the conference, the Had-Fab site team were all on edge.

Out of 250 critical measurements, only 3 minor issues were found, which the team were thrilled with given the speed at which we were tasked to complete the project. These were then easily resolved later with the individual LED screens fitted in place seamlessly. There were 85 screens fitted within on the “S” alone!

Our customer was absolutely delighted with the finished product commenting that working together “we nailed it”. It was a pleasure to work on this project with them and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

If you have a project that you’d like to start with the team at Had-Fab Ltd, get in touch at our website or contact us:

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