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Had Fab donate to Fa’side Women and Girls Group.

Also this month we are delighted to announce our second 30 for 30 Campaign donation to the Fa’side Women and Girls Group.


Formed in 2014 as a women only space to host events with women and to celebrate International Women’s Day, Fa’side Women and Girls Group is an informally organised, volunteer run and completely unfunded inter-generational group open to women and girls (age 12+) in the Fa’side Area, Tranent and the surrounding villages.


FWGG’s focus is on human rights issues (and the group has explored issues like period poverty, misogyny at school, mental ill health, children’s rights, the environment, the right to housing and women in STEM). Events are always a mix of creative energy (singing, dance, artwork, drama) and food and chat with up to 50 women attending International Women’s Day events.


And, as part of Had Fab’s 30 for 30 Campaign, we are delighted to announce that we have donated £1000 to the Group to help them in their continued efforts to support each other and the local community.

As part of this support we will be sponsoring a trip on August 9th to Glasgow Women’s Library where the Group will host a workshop about e-Zines – how to create a storyboard / cartoon about women’s rights. The sponsorship will fund the cost of transport from Tranent to Glasgow, lunch and the workshop for FWGG giving the Group the chance to:

· Learn about the rights of women

· Learn how to create an e-zine and storyboard issues so they can use this in campaigns

· Meet with Glasgow Women’s Library staff and volunteers

· Explore the library’s resources

· Have a fun day out together after a year of hard work on important issues.


Speaking about the donation, Clare MacGillivray at FWGG said: “We would like to say congratulations to [Had Fab] on reaching 30 successful years as a thriving business and important local employer in East Lothian.”


To find out more about our 30 for 30 Campaign and donations made to date, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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