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Benefits of In-House Design & Fabrication

Design and Fabrication services are either completed in one of two ways – in-house or outsourced. Deciding which is better lays in the hands of the company providing them, but here at Had-Fab Ltd, we recognise the benefits of delivering our services in-house.

If your company is looking to procure design and fabrication services, here’s why getting your services done with in-house with Had-Fab is your best option:

Enhanced Production & Control

Over 25 years, we at Had-Fab have seen many people willing to outsource the design and fabrication process without realising the amount of control that can be taken over production when performed in-house.

Outsourcing the design and fabrication of custom products can often result in the provider adapting an off-the-shelf item to meet unique production specifications. With design and fabrication processes from Had-Fab’s in-house services, products can be designed and materials can be fabricated to meet individual need and requirements. As a result, production errors can be greatly reduced and turnaround times can be greatly improved, which adds significant value to our clients and their projects.

Straight-Forward Communication

Often when a company outsources services, they position themselves as the middle and have to perform a balancing act of communicating between customers and providers. Whereas, when the process is performed onsite, we have direct communication with our project managers, engineers, workers and our customers, so we can provide live and accurate updates on progress.

Thanks to this tight communication, phone calls and emails can lead to shared ideas for improving product design, reducing turnaround times, and handling problems with ease.

Improved Creativity

Fabricating products in-house allow Had-Fab and their customers to be creative with the production process. Instead of designing products based on a set design, products can be designed based on what improves overall productivity and quality and reduces issues during the production process.

Reduced Costs

Performing services in-house is a good way of cutting out any extra cost that come with outsourcing. This could include costs for additional shipping that comes with outsourcing. With the design and fabrications services at Had Fab being seamlessly connected and all on site in East Lothian it provides the ideal environment for collaboration through the design and fabrication services process. This leads to optimised design solutions and significantly reduces the chance for design/fabrication error and the associated costs.

With in-house design and fabrication at Had-Fab, our customers are free to enjoy direct control over the production of their products, experience simpler communication, and reduced costs.

To learn more about the process of our services in-house, contact us.


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