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Innovating by Introducing Smart Solutions into Our Manufacturing Process

At Had Fab we are constantly innovating by introducing smart solutions into our manufacturing process.

Currently ESAB’s RAILTRAC B42V welding tractor system has been incorporated into our production line to implement an efficient semi-automatic solution for tube internal welds. This is part of our hallmark project for the detailing, manufacturing and installation of 200+ lighting poles for Edinburgh Trams. This rail-mounted welding system forms an efficient and reliable solution. It operates with stepper motors for both the drive and weave functions, ensuring smooth operation and high precision welds.

The system is part of an integrated U-shape production layout which incorporates: 1) the robotic plasma cuttings stages of poles’ doors, 2) the RAILTRAC internal welding stage, and 3) the manual welding stage for the base plates and the poles’ peaks.

This lean production line was designed and implemented by our Manufacturing Manager Alan Robertson and our Fabrication/Welding Supervisor Mark McDonald who both worked with the Production & Engineering teams to deliver an effective solution to a key infrastructure project.


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