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It’s Okay To Talk

The first rule about ANDYMANCLUB is 'IT's OKAY TO TALK' at ANDYMANCLUB.The business was delighted to recently host a visit from Kenny Armour from ANDYSMANCLUB, a men’s suicide prevention charity offering free to attend peer-to peer support groups across the United Kingdom and online.

Established in 2016, the aim of the club is to break down stigmas, support men struggling, and lend a hand to suicide prevention.

Had Fab was delighted to welcome Kenny to our new canteen facility at our Penston site where he delivered an insightful talk on suicide awareness and men’s mental health in the workforce.  Kenny talked movingly about his own challenges and how these led to his involvement with ANDYSMANCLUB.

With over 140 groups based across the UK, ANDYSMANCLUB has the sole mission to end the stigma surrounding men’s health and to help men suffering through the power of conversation.

Had Fab is humbled to support such a worthwhile charity both in terms of the company’s recent £500 donation and, most importantly, in being committed to making sure the business continues to push the importance of talking about mental health.  As a business we remain firmly committed to making sure the wellbeing of every person in our business is supported, protected and valued.  We will continue to do this through visits such as Kenny’s and through our own ‘Had Fab Gab’, providing our team with the opportunity, once a week, to get together and simply talk.

To find out more about ANDYSMANCLUB visit https://andysmanclub.co.uk/

To find out more about our 30 for 30 Campaign and donations made to date, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter. To put forward your organisation for support, contact us through the same channels or on the contact number below.

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