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We’re Talking Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing

Had Fab is delighted to announce our new initiative designed to support all staff with positive mental wellbeing and health.

The ‘Had Fab Gab’ has been launched to provide our team with health, wellbeing and support information on a weekly basis.

Introduced as part of efforts to support wellbeing in the workplace, the ‘Had Fab Gab’ is already proving a huge success with many of our team members benefiting from the insights and guidance that has been offered.

Supporting the mental health at work commitment – and which is designed to make a genuine longer-term positive impact on people’s wellbeing – the ‘Had Fab Gab’ has been introduced as a regular programme of activity to bring the team even further together and where colleagues are encouraged to comfortably and confidentially discuss whatever’s on their mind.

The Had Fab Gab’ forms part of the company’s ongoing commitment to CSR and – alongside programmes like the company’s 30 for 30 campaign – has been designed to support employees and our community.

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