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The team at Had-Fab recently reached a new milestone thanks to a brand new investment in technology that we have recently made.

With demand for our services continuing to increase and with costs rising, one particular job for ‘Growing Frames’ slowly started becoming unprofitable. As time went on, we started investigating various ways to improve our efficiency and looked to make cost savings, as well as ensuring we have the capabilities to turn any job around quickly and be confident in ourselves to meet our customer’s requirements and demands.

Introducing the Had-Fab Ltd Robotic Welder

Recently we invested in a state-of-the-art robotic welder, to help grow our rail work. This larger robot complemented our smaller robot which is designed for smaller welded assemblies. However, we successfully managed to program the machine for ALBA Trees frames. With the first test highlighting some issues we began to refine the process and once proving successful we are amazed by this machines capability and efficiency to complete tasks in record time! Take a look at the robotic welder in action:

Robot welding is the use of mechanised programmable tools, which completely automate a welding process by both performing the weld and handling the part. The robot in the welder was programmed to have timed the frame it was using to be welded and completed at around 2 ½ minutes – with loading and unloading this equated to around 7 minutes.

Originally being told that we could not use the small robotic welder, we consulted with the manufacturer, and after working with our internal design team we were able to design a jig and a program to help the robot to weld the frames to full efficiency.

Using 7 minutes per frame, this ground-breaking machine permits us to weld and complete 8 of these structures in a single hour, allowing us to meet demand and deliver on time to our customers frames every for every 8 hours of production. But since the same process will be repeated on the other side of the frame too, this helps us to double production and enable us to produce up to a record-breaking 120 frames per day!

Do you have a job for our robotic welder? Get in touch with the team! We’re more than happy to help.

Take a closer look at the Robotic Welder and its capabilities here.


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