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We are pleased to announce that Had Fab has invested £400,000 in a new CNC heavy plate processing machine that will more than double the capacity of the business.

The investment – which has been supported by a grant from Enterprise Scotland – is a significant investment for Had Fab and will enable us to produce precision cut steel components in a fraction of the time and to the very highest quality.

The commitment – which forms part of our strategic growth plans – will enable us to grow our already successful Power Transmission and Distribution division more than 2-fold and will position us as one of few companies in the UK to be able to manage precision cut steel at significant capacity.

The machine – which has been commissioned as a bespoke item and manufactured in Italy – is capable of producing up to 100 sheets of 10mm steel in as little as a 24hr period. As such, we could slash production time of typical tower jobs by as much as half.

Other advantages include

To find out how Had Fab can work with you to meet your structural engineering and metal fabrication needs, give us a call on 01875 611 711.


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