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Spotlight on our Apprentice – Lewis

Meet Lewis, our third year apprentice.

Q. What is your apprenticeship like?

A. In year 1 it’s equal parts industry exposure and academia. We learn skills and follow up in written ‘logs’ to confirm our understanding. Its 2 days in college, 3 days in work.

Then in year 2 it’s heavily college based. Focused on Maths and English skills. We were introduced CAD and other technical drawing software.

In year 3 I’m Working Every day. I get assessed in the field by Edeta, the apprenticeship company. I also submit essay style pieces on active work.


Q. What’s it like working at HadFab?

A. I really like the independence and autonomy that is given. I have grown in terms of soft skills as well as professional skills – I’m much more confident now than when I first started. I love the trade and being involved in big projects.

HadFab is a great company to work for I get great job satisfaction – it’s rewarding to see projects come to life! I’m looking forward to becoming a qualified welder fabricator.

It’s a sociable workplace – I sometimes see some of the lads at the football when I go to watch Hibs.


Q. Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

A. I’d really like to be an accomplished tradesman and be looking for a foreman’s role here at HadFab.


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